Beginners Safe Trading Course -
Safe Education

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We believe in a safe educational experiences

  • We are not a software provider
  • We are not selling 
  • We do not offer any speculative financial products or services
  • We do not provide trading signals
  • We do not provide trading tips
  • We do not provide reviews or recommendations of brokers
  • We do not work with Binary or Crypto (ever!)

What do we do?

  • We provide you with technical analysis training 
  • We teach you how to do your own research
  • The cost of our educational series curse is €250, we do not sell any other services or products
  • You must be over the age of 18

Here's what you'll learn

Lecture 1: Trend Analysis

Lecture 2: Basics

Lecture 3: Lagging Indicators

Lecture 4: Oscillators

Lecture 5: Fibonacci

Lecture 6: Leading Indicators

Lecture 7; Chart Pattern Analysis

Lecture 8: Risk Management

Lecture 9: Real Time Examples

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