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  1. @wojtek0000 Good, I am more into YEN right now anyway, but I am happy for you…

    Now dont get cocky… I would enjoy the profit and stay on the sidelines for some days…. stuff is going to happen….

  2. @georgemargaris 200 pips for a $2,000 profit. It had to turn sooner or later. The quick drop from 1.41 was a good sign.

  3. @wojtek0000 We will see… I believe there is some uproom left…. 1.44 then return…. but i dont care … right now I only care about USD JPY, ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. @georgemargaris ungemoglich.

  5. john doesnt talk about the USD JPY anymore,

  6. @wojtek0000 hope your leverage is not high, poor guy

  7. I’m short 100k. Eurusd going straight to hell.

  8. @MyEconomics101 I think the dollar will fall as the population of illiterates shoots off the chart.

  9. My take on USD; as long as we have not much too disappointing data till next Fed meeting in 3 weeks – USD and all other pairs could fall into congestion mode as investors further discuss the size and possible impact until we actually get new information from the Fed meeting.

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