Ceiling on the USD/JPY…

There is a long term trend line that should provide a ceiling for the USD/JPY. Take a look at he video to learn how I got it and at what price it is…

Stop losing money in the markets you trade

Large money leaves large tracks…the markets are not entirely random. Watch and see how the Flux Capacitor Power Zones and Turning Points can focus your trading in specific high probability trend directions, and specific turning points in time. This professional grade indicator will change the way you trade, and look at the markets forever.

FOREX Training Video | London Session April 25, 2008

Today the USD was on a bit of an early warpath against most currencies just before London opened, continuing to some predictable profit taking points. This was true with the exception of the British Pound which woke up and crushed the USD. While we had a ton of successful trade plans during this London session we focus in this video on the EUR/USD. Using 15m MACD and stochastic divergence as an early directional clue, the EUR/USD finally bounced off the last 15m swing’s 50% fib and broke it’s 21 ema along with a very easy to see trend line from yesterdays low. Once this break occurred there were at least 4 Fibonacci retracements offering entry before the big plunge to our 138% fib extension at 1.5685. Three quite conservative repeatable entries were available over a couple hour span before it finally snapped the support around the 4 hour 200ema. After which the target was just a matter of time. Not very often do you get 3 or 4 chances to enter at retracements levels like this, pretty sweet trade here for 75-100 pips depending on which one you took. Overall was a very nice multiple hundred pip day playing around with the USD. Have a great weekend! FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

+688 Pips For the Month..

Today we hit target 2 for an additional +254 pips of profit. This has been a very good month so far. Tonight in the Private Client Group I talk about USDJPY, EURUSD and a little about Elliot Wave Theory.

Forex Technical Update 9/30/2010 – Greenback is Fighting Back as Gold’s Record Run Stalls

Forex Technical Update 9/30/2010 The correlation of general USD weakness is very strong with the rally in Gold. As gold shows topping action, the EUR/USD and AUD/USD appear to be topping as well, and the USD/JPY appears to be bottoming. The GBP/USD reacted very strongly and is testing its channel support. Finally, we also see the Japanese yen firm up a bit, as the GBP/JPY continues to slide, and the EUR/JPY appears to be topping. Let’s look at the charts to assess the significance of today’s moves. Fan Yang CMT www.fxtimes.com