FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – November 19, 2010

Nearly every major pairing with the USD had a rather identical setup as the London open was setting up. Continued USD weakness, yet all pairings not quite at their respective resistance/support zones. So the plans in place were primarily focused on awaiting pullbacks taking Fibonacci entries into resistance at minimum, 137220 zone for eur/usd, 16100 zone for gbp/usd etc. As London opened the Eur/Usd decided to continue mission after a rather Weak pullback which left many of us unable to reload the long. However, the Gbp/Usd did indeed pullback spot on to our entry zone around 16040-50, looking for a 50-60 pip trade here into the Weekly central pivot point, and 4hr trendline awaiting us in the 161 region. I must admit this trade became a bit difficult in the late stages of profit taking as it barely even hit the outer edge of our target, so we only ended up with sorta 40 pips. Yet it was clear by the time we reached our target that the British Pound itself had become rather weak since the open, and the only reason we even hit near our target was the continuing to fall USD. Enough said, thank you for my profit, next trade plan please. Some days are certainly better than others. FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens

FOREX VIDEO – London Session Review – August 26, 2010

We began London today with a strong British Pound that had been gaining ground since Asia. We were however, sitting right at resistance as London was about to open, as was the Euro also. On top of this every single Yen pairing was either at resistance or showing signs of rolling over, such as lower high’s etc. So lets see what this hints to us about to happen. Strong Yen, weak GBP, weak EUR, at least until support yes? Fair enough so we set out to build trade plans to short the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, and GBP/JPY. In this video I detail the plan involving the GBP/JPY short, how we set it up, exactly where we pulled the trigger and why, where we placed stops, took profit, and eventually reloaded the trade. Not one pairing today paid us a ton of pips individually, but as a collective it was a very profitable day if you took a couple of these, and even more so if you reloaded them. Only time will tell what NY will take us from here. FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens