Weekly Stop Hunt Review

These StopHunt levels are in play for the week ahead. EURUSD Buystops over 1.34975 SellStops under 1.3314. GBPUSD BuyStops over 1.5910 SellStops under 1.5808 USDJPY BuyStops over .8349 SellStops under .8240 USDCHF BuyStops over .9783 SellStops under .9603 AUDUSD BuyStops over 1.0019 SellStops under .9854 & .9803 Gold BuyStops over 1393, 1423.70 & massive block over 1431 SellStops under 1352, 1329.40 and GMO Orders (Get Me Out) under 1315. Good Hunting

The NY Evening/Far East Opening Forex Review for March 10th

There was a flight into the risk pairs today – discounting a Gold induced temporary reversal in the NY afternoon session. The EURUSD moved above key support at 1.3613 and although still range bound, pushed the bias back to the upside. For a discussion and look at some of the other currency movers today, watch the forex report

FOREX London Session Video December 17, 2007

After Fridays huge USD strength play across the board, the EUR/USD retraced to a 21% fib, and off the hourly 21 at the beginning of this week’s thinner London session. This provided a nice short EUR/USD entry off the 21 ema, or slightly after with shorter term chart confirmation & opening BB’s on the 15 minute chart. A nice steady ‘ride the 5 (ema)’ took place pretty much all night on both the 15m and hourly chart. The EUR/USD eventually hit the 4350 area which is a 38.2 Fibonacci retracement level of the last uptrend that just began in August 07, and we knew this could certainly provide support. After dropping about 20 pips further the pair then showed us a 5/8 cross on a 5min, followed by other clues that the trade was done. Not a bad 70-120 pips depending on entry/exit on a thin market night, more if you took some other USD pairs at the same time.