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  1. @loai050

  2. Do you thing a silver ETF is safe now ?

  3. @ShillBasher
    and still raging.

  4. The metals bull was on steroids today ; )

  5. 5*****

  6. @dancingforrain2012
    no its not normal at all. it means that there’s alot of manipulation going on at multiple levels.

  7. is it normal for precious metals to de-couple from each other? if not what does it mean?

  8. if everything gets taken down at the same time then your only hope as a person is to be either incredibly rich or have food stockpiled

  9. the raw data tells me the big swirll is coming which=hyper inflation followed by a synchronized global currencey devaluation
    crash landing and hitting bottom with a global deflationary depression

  10. @larnem
    thanks i really appreciate the support. its good to know that im actually helping people and that somebody is getting something out of this.

  11. I’ve veen recommending this site. It is a great tool of understanding what is going on in the world. It also shows what happens when 70% of the market is controlled by the big boys……who do not always play fair.

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