Rogue Trade (EUR/USD) 3-10-09

It’s sad that people I don’t even know like a guy that goes by the name orionmachine here have to dedicate two youtube pages to me.. Really pathetic if you ask me.. OH, for all those pessimistic assholes who begged me to show a real trade of mine.. Here!! I have come a long way guys from my old days whether you want to accept that or not. My trades are pretty damn stellar! I make money.. I cut losers and winners early, but I make money! Go figure! Msg I got from random viewer facialexpress: Subject: hey “hey just found your channel, watched some of your videos, i like your work its too bad so many people are so negative, but thats what happens, i think you have alot of potential and im sure alot of people see that also but they just dont want to admit it, also it is rare to see some one who has a conscience and who know right from wrong, i can imagine its ruff out there in hollywood, i think you should just make your own movie and sell it over youtube. how long have you been acting?”