Fundamental Webinar Replay – Previewing the Week Ahead – Week of June 16th

In this webinar we preview the upcoming week in the forex markets from a fundamental analysis perspective. We preview key releases from the US including retail sales, manufacturing reports, inflation readings (CPI, PPI) and housing starts. From the UK we look at data on inflation, jobs, and consumer spending. And, we also discuss the developing situation in the euro-zone sovereign debt crisis.

Forex Video Forecast : EURUSD for October 16th and Where and Why to Place Stops

The EURUSD has been in a strong upward trend the last couple of days and has had a small pull back, followed by a retracement back to a double top. There is only one trade that we are really looking for on the EURUSD for the upcomingLondon and New York sessions. Please take a few minutes to view the following video for the trade setups that we are looking to develop. Also we have put together some material on where and why to place stops when you are trading. We will continue that discussion for the next couple of weeks. Thank you for viewing our forex training video.