FOREX VIDEO – New York Session Review – December 9, 2009

Although the EUR/USD managed a net move of just 2 pips from New York open to London close, there was an opportunity for a conservative and moderately profitable trade on the currency pair. Japanese yen strength, a theme seen broadly during today’s Asian session, returned at the start of the session, pulling the EUR/JPY pair down 100 pips. A weak British pound dragged the GBP/USD down nearly 200 pips following chancellor Darling’s pre-Budget report.

The elliott wave practitioner, 12 April 2009, EURUSD

In this video I discuss the price action of the EURUSD. I begin first with a quick review of the monthly chart, and I point out a possible huge H&S in the making. I then look at the weekly chart and point out the support level around 1.3100 as crucial for the next move in this pair. The 60 minutes chart reveals a possible dramatic preparation for a sharp fall in the EURUSD, of as much as 500 pips, should the 1.3100 level give way. The charts in this video are available for a free download from my website from the Downloads section.

EURUSD 2nd trade 21 October 2009 Hi all Second bite on break above key resistance level foiled probably by the Dow reversing direction and Dollar strength returning in the short term. Still only a breakeven trade so no big deal but prompting me to really think about the way I trade. I have seen far too many 20-30 pip moves that have been lost in recent days, and those sort of trades should be my bread and butter so watch this space a small strategy change may be coming. Graeme

The elliott wave practitioner, 12 Feb 2009, EURUSD SPOT

In this video I revisit the EURUSD currency pair. The fall since the recent high at the end of last year continues to subdive in a way that points now to a terminated or nearly terminated triangle 4th wave out of which the final plunge in this 5 wave fall will take place and take the EURUSD towards 124.00 floor. The charts in this video are available for free download from my website, from the Downloads section.

EURUSD analysis 9 16 2009

Pardon me for the off sync of sound and visuals. My computer has a terrible problem. I think it’s still viewable so just bear with it. And its more important to hear what i have to say than the visuals itself. Please join – The best trading site on the planet. The link to my this thread:

EURUSD 19 November 2009 Hi all Trendline break led to a short Managed trade to 5.75% profit which is nice. I did move the stop up 5 pips naughty me but there were good technical reasons to do so. Was I lucky, or was it good interpretation of price you decide! Graeme