The elliott wave practitioner, 12 April 2009, EURUSD

In this video I discuss the price action of the EURUSD. I begin first with a quick review of the monthly chart, and I point out a possible huge H&S in the making. I then look at the weekly chart and point out the support level around 1.3100 as crucial for the next move in this pair. The 60 minutes chart reveals a possible dramatic preparation for a sharp fall in the EURUSD, of as much as 500 pips, should the 1.3100 level give way. The charts in this video are available for a free download from my website from the Downloads section.


We are getting ourselves in to a real fib war on the EUR/USD, USD/CHF. Todays video breaks things down by looking at swing fibs vs moves fibs. Also we have a look at the USD/JPY. This pair is due a pullback somewhere soon. There should be opportunities to ride this down while planning for longer-term longs.