Forex Video Technical Update 6.11.2011 – US Dollar Bounces Back After a Pause to Recovery – Forex News, Analysis, Education, Webinars, Live Events, Charts, Videos and More… This week ended with the market putting on USD-strength. We had a recovery in May when commodity prices dropped, but the market looked to be abandoning the USD recovery in the last couple of weeks. Let’s take a look at the EUR GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, and USD/CAD charts to monitor this second attempt at US Dollar recovery. Fan Yang CMT Chief Technical Strategist FXTimes Information and opinions contained in this report are for educational purposes only and do not constitute an investment advice. While the information contained herein was obtained from sources believed to be reliable, author does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. FXTimes will not accept liability for any loss of profit or damage which may arise directly, indirectly or consequently from use of or reliance on the trading set-ups or any accompanying chart analysis.

Forex News Recap (9/21) : FOMC Statement Leaves Door Open for QE, Dollar Pressured

In the Fed’s statement policy makers showed concern about the low levels of inflation and left the door open for more quantitative easing, but didn’t agree to any steps right now. The knee-jerk reaction was to sell the Dollar in currency markets and we saw broad dollar-weakness as a result. News Provided by CMS Forex Forex Market Analyst Nick Nasad

Forex Technical Update 12/7/2010 – How Can this US Dollar Strength Stay? – Forex News, Analysis, Education, Live-events etc. A look at the EUR GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CAD gold(XAU/USD) and silver(XAG/USD) shows that the greenback is attempting to fight off its losses from last week and the start of the week. There are some important levels to break before we can be convinced of this as a trend going deeper into December. Fan Yang CMT Chief Technical Strategist FXTimes

Forex Technical Update 2/11/2011 – US Dollar Strength to be Tested Next Week – Forex News, Analysis, Education, Webinars, Live Events and more. The greenback is ending the week on a very positive note, but there are some challenges heading into the next week. We saw the EUR sharp slide, the USD/JPY in a bullish breakout, and the GBP/USD in an accelerating decline. USD/CHF is pushing towards parity. The AUD/USD is signaling bearish continuation. The NZD/USD is hammering at an important channel support. However, the USD/CAD dropped sharply. Fan Yang CMT Chief Technical Strategist

Forex Technical Update 8/13/2010 – Assessing US Dollar Recovery

Forex Technical Update 8/13/2010 FXTimes Fan Yang, CTA The USD rallied this week across the board, even against the JPY towards the end of the week. Let’s take a look at the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and and the USD/JPY to assess its strength. The greenback will be challenged next week as it is not in the clear for a recover just yet. This video is being produced at about 4:00PM ET during the US trading session.