How will you trade the FOMC? Will you trade a breakout? Will you trade the whip? I’m going to trade the FOMC with VERY low risk…

Trading the FOMC?

Are you trading the FOMC announcement? If not, then you NEED to watch this video. If so, watch the video to add another +50 to +100 pips to the bottom line…

Forex News Recap (9/21) : FOMC Statement Leaves Door Open for QE, Dollar Pressured

In the Fed’s statement policy makers showed concern about the low levels of inflation and left the door open for more quantitative easing, but didn’t agree to any steps right now. The knee-jerk reaction was to sell the Dollar in currency markets and we saw broad dollar-weakness as a result. News Provided by CMS Forex Forex Market Analyst Nick Nasad

Forex Technical Update 8/10/2010 – USD Technicals Ahead of the FOMC Statement

Forex Technical Update 8/10/2010 Fan Yang CTA Chief Technician FXTimes It is about 2 and a half hours before the FOMC announces interest rate policy and intentions. This may be an event risk, and the market has shown some short covering of the greenback as it continues to gain across the board. Let’s see where the USD crosses such as EUR/USD and USD/JPY are from a technical perspective as the market focuses on this important US announcement. Make sure to check out FXTimes for other updates and insights on this and other fundamental events.