Forex Trading|Analysis|EUR/USD|GBP/USD|USD/JPY|01.30.09|

In this Forex Quick Market View video class, we take an in depth look at the Forex Market and the EUR/USD,Euro, theBritish Pound GBP/USD and the Japanese Yen, USD/JPY in this Forex Trading Video. We will go over all the important levels to consider such as Fibonacci Retracement levels related to Elliott Wave theory and provide Technical Analysis insights for the coming week, along with all the high impact Forex News Events that can move the Forex Market this week. Please visit and Sign Up for a Subscription or a Special 2 Week Trial to our LP Intraday Trading Forex Signals and our TON: Trade On News Software for Trading High Impact News Events through the Auto Click feature. Please visit Today !

Forex MetaTrader 4 Platform Робот помощник для Форекс

1. 10 лет европейского опыта торговли и 2 года нашей программе 2. Вы имеете круглосуточный доступ и мониторинг ваших средств. 3. Можете в любой момент вывести/обналичить/добавить деньги, которые лежат на счету. 4. Мы не берем никаких комиссий и прочих сборов за работу программы окромя услуг наших сотрудников следящих за торговлей 5. Платой за услуги будет 20–30 процентов от полученного дохода 6. Наш інтерес связан с Вами — Вы зарабатываете, мы зарабатываем 7. Брокеры не видять Ваш лимит риска 8. Программа основана на системе волнового движения. Она рассчитывает длину, глубину и продолжительность волны. И в нужный момент делает сделку. 9. Наша программа использует три степени защиты капитала

FOREX Training Video | London Session December 2, 2008

Today’s London session had proven to be ranging a good bit, with very little overall follow through of any moves. Even so, in this video we highlight how we used a drawn trendline break on the EUR/USD to build a trade plan. Correlation with the USD/CHF bouncing off it’s own trendline at the same time as the EUR/USD break was ideal confirmation of the break being legitimate. Then simply applying a Fibonacci retracement study from support at the 1.26 support area to the high of the break at 126.47, provided a nice 38.2-50.00% Fib entry zone of 1.2630-1.2625. This Fib zone was also the break area of the previous trend line which was an ideal situation of role reversal (resistance becoming support) along with the Fib level itself. Also it happened to be the Daily Central Pivot Point, and Weekly m3 pivot point. So lets see, break of all this resistance, following by a pullback/retest of this area which overlapped perfectly with the ‘ideal’ Fibonacci retracement zone.. Hmm, Yummy. Ultimately the EUR/USD returned to the 38.2 at 1.2630 then proceeded to immediately make it’s way to the 15m 200 EMA 50 pips away. Not an amazing amount of pips for a trade plan, but 50 pips for 20’ish pips risk (stop below the 78.6), right off support, works for me anytime. For a somewhat difficult London session take what you can get yes? FXBootcamp London Currency Coach- Christian Stephens