Trading the dots for +470 pips in the EURUSD

With the implosion of Wall Street financial giants, there was plenty of volatility that resulted and the Forex Model trading software was ready to capitalize on this opportunity. Very few ‘breakout’ signals occurred recently, which is exactly what is expected because there hasn’t been any consolidation required to “arm” the system. However, the dots generated plenty of trading profit in all the currency pairs.This video goes over a week’s worth of day trading in the 15min charts in the EURUSD pair showing how our Forex software generated +470 pips in just one of the currency pairs! Don’t forget to sign up for an upcoming live demo of the software to see the power of this system for yourself…

WEBINAR TODAY | Video Report | Perfect trade. 100% pure technical +40 pips today

Guys, we are approaching another positive week. it’s the 15th positive against only one small negative. We smashed today the +1300 barrier. How? Simple, staying true to our rules and discipline. Today very perfect and beautifully anticipated 100% LIVE in the webinar (and also for FREE into the Daily Brief) trade. Perfect entry&superperfect exit. We had a negative yesterday and then 2 huge positives full stake trades. We never change our style. Changes are for losers. We are inside the 5% of profitable traders. Numbers are there. Stay surfer! StP